Thursday, 19 October 2017

Digga win 2017 Dermot McManus Award for Innovation at the Queensland Export Awards.

Last night Digga Australia were awarded the 2017 Dermot McManus Award for Innovation at the Queensland Export Awards
The Dermot McManus Award is one of the 4 major awards handed out on the night and recognises exporters that have demonstrated innovative solutions in their business field through strategy, production, and processes. 
Digga CEO Suzie Wright commented: 
The award is a reflection on everybody at Digga and the hard work each and every one of the team put in. Without the hard work of all branches and divisions this recognition would not be possible. Congratulations to everyone and well done!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Benefits of the Digga cradle hitch.

The Digga excavator cradle hitch was designed and manufactured to improve operator and workers safety when manoeuvring around sites whilst also providing a simpler connection to augers and piles.

The double pin hitch with drive unit cradle allows the operator to angle the drive up to 90 degrees with greater support given by the cradle so it is easier and more stable when connecting to augers or anchors.

The cradle also acts as a support mechanism when manoeuvring around the work site allowing the drive unit to rest on the cradle, stopping it from swinging around over uneven terrain.

Designed and manufactured to suit the size of the different drive units available, the hitch can be ordered with loose or fixed pin options and suitable for use with PD3 – PD50 Digga drive models.

When drilling you should lift the cradle up and away from the drive unit. Do not drill with the cradle resting against the drive unit. This will damage the cradle hitch and your auger drive. See the comparison diagrams below:

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Digga 4 in 1 Bucket is more than just a bucket.

digga product - 4 in 1 buckets
A Digga 4 in 1 bucket is arguably one of the most versatile earth moving attachments available for both earth moving and agricultural users alike.

As the name suggests, a 4 in 1 bucket enables you to perform 4 different functions which Digga reference as standard bucket operation, grappling, levelling and dozing.

A 4 in 1 bucket adds great value to the users business and machinery over a standard bucket:
  • Standard bucket operation
    When the bucket is fully closed the Digga 4 in 1 bucket can be used as a general purpose bucket for moving dirt and material etc.
    Digga tip: If you are dumping into a truck you can dump at a greater height than a standard bucket by opening the floor to release the material. 
  • Grapple operation 
    With the bucket above an object, open the floor sufficiently and lower the bucket down so that the object is between the jaws. When you close the floor, the object will become clamped between jaws so you can lift and move.
    Digga tip: Always use the side jaws to pick up objects. Do not use the floor to pick up or pull objects as this will cause damage to the floor/ bucket and you may lose your warranty.
  • Levelling
    In the operator’s manual this is referred to as ‘back dragging’. The user drags and levels dirt or material with the floor fully open and the back edge of the bucket on the ground to level out.

  • DozingWith the floor of the bucket open, tilt the bulldozer weldment forward so that the front cutting edge penetrates the desired depth into the soil or materials to push and move the ground.
Digga’s extensive range of 4 in 1 buckets are suitable for mini loaders, skid steers and tractors. The durable, strong and 100% Australian made Digga 4 in 1 bucket features a ‘wear plate standard’ hardened steel floor and comes complete with a thick, heavy duty, fully welded grill to provide clear vision of bucket edges. With cutting widths from 880mm to 2200mm, the Digga 4 in 1 bucket is available for mini loaders, skid steers and tractors.
Digga product - bucket - 4 in 1
All models in the range are available with optional reversible bolt on cutting blades. The blades are sectioned into 3 and available for fixture on to all 3 edges of the bucket. As the cutting edges of your bucket will naturally wear faster, why replace the whole blade when you can just replace the worn sections?

With the optional Digga reversible cutting blades for your 4 in 1, you can replace wear parts section by section saving you time and money.

See the diagram below which highlights the three different edges and how the blades are sectioned into 3 so you can replace and rotate the blades depending on your usage.
Digga products - 4 in 1 bucket - options
For more information on the range and to read customer reviews of the Digga 4 in 1 bucket, click on the links below:

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Digga 4 in 1 bucket is bucket loads better than the rest!

The Digga 4 in 1 bucket is a practical solution to tackle many applications in construction and agricultural job sites.

Ace Rental is an equipment rental company based in South East Queensland. They supply a range of backhoes, graders, excavators and skid steer loaders with earth moving attachments to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and all across the south east Queensland region to a mix of customers from different industry sectors.

Company founder and Managing Director Mick Sheldon has been in the earth moving industry for over 31 years and opened Ace rentals in March 2003. Mick has built up his business reputation by supplying quality earth moving machinery equipment to a demanding work sector.

To continue to meet his customer needs, the business regularly upgrade and replace their machinery with new models and when Ace Rentals purchase any new machine, they often come direct from the dealer with buckets and other attachments already fitted.

Over the 15 years that Ace Rentals have been in operation Mick has found that these attachments and specifically buckets, are “by no means serviceable for the life of the machine” and in most cases a more robust bucket needs to be fitted.
Testimonial - 4 in 1 - Digga bucket
He said, “That is why we use Digga buckets and attachments. They’re engineered for the Australian job site - from the steel used to manufacture the buckets to the overall quality of the manufacturing, it is much better quality than that of other equipment out there.”
“All in all we are extremely happy with our decision to choose Digga buckets, and the feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. As we are a service based business and we value our client’s feedback, we will continue to align ourselves with Digga and their quality machinery attachments for years to come.” 
Mick prides his business on the top service they provide to their clients so being in such close proximity to our Yatala factory and service centre in Queensland also gives him a convenient and practical solution when he needs to service his Digga machinery attachments; causing as little delay to his clients as possible.

Ace Rentals currently possess:
4 x Digga 4in1 buckets
2 x Digga bucket brooms 
2x Digga pallet forks 
Plus a selection of Digga auger drives and augers.

For more information on our 4 in 1 buckets check out our blog post:  The Digga 4 in 1 Bucket is more than just a bucket.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Digga ECV and pile kick back when installing screw piles.

Screw piles or helical piles are installed to an engineered torque specification. By the time installation torque is reached and the operator stops the machine, the screw pile has built up rotational energy - similar to a rubber band on a wind up model aeroplane.

This can cause the pile to momentarily 'kick back' and force the energy back up the screw pile through the drive shaft, the gear box and the hydraulic motor. This action effectively turns the motor into a high speed pump, generating cavitation of the motor which causes motor failure and potentially expensive replacement costs.

See the diagram below, the red arrow demonstrates the force of the energy up the screw pile.

Digga's flow reversal bypass valve (ECV) is fitted as standard to Digga Screw Anchor Drives and can be retro fitted to drilling drives as required.

The Digga ECV effectively protects the motor in your drive from rapid oil decompression and easily converts your auger drive into a dedicated screw anchor drive.

To retro fit the ECV to your auger drive follow the 3 steps below:

For more information on screw piling have a read of our other screw piling blog articles, click here.

Alternatively visit our website for more information on Digga auger drives and screw anchor drives.
For further information on the ECV you can contact your local Digga dealer or give us a call on 1300 2 34442

Monday, 2 October 2017

Digga tips - Servicing and changing the oil of your Digga drive unit.

It is important to service your Digga drive unit and change the oil regularly as per the owners manual. This will ensure longevity and performance of your drive.

The oil in your drive unit is independent to your hydraulic system.
Oil from your machine does not lubricate your drive unit.
As a result your auger drive requires regular oil changes to remain in perfect working condition.

The images below illustrate the importance of regular servicing of your auger drive in accordance with the owners manual.

The following 3 drive units were tested in our Hydraulic Cyclic Testing Unit where 10 years of wear and tear was simulated. Oil was changed in the drives at different intervals illustrating the wear caused by neglect.
Servicing and changing the oil of your Digga drive unit - do's and don'ts - Digga Australia
Changing the oil and a regular service of your Digga drive unit is crucial to its longevity and performance.

For more information on the Digga Service offering visit

Monday, 18 September 2017

Digga tips - the importance of vertical alignment when drilling.

Digga machinery attachments
Natural arc movement of the boom causes the dipper arm to move out of alignment as it is raised or lowered. Constant operator adjustments are required to maintain vertical alignment. Failure to do so will create significant side load on the auger drive and auger.
Digga auger drives are pendulum drills designed to hang freely from the excavator mount. Excessive side load may result in bent auger flights, pipe and hubs as well as potential damage to the auger drive shaft, seals and gearbox.
Excessive side load may also cause socket and pilot breakage especially when drilling into hard ground.
You can find more info and tips for drilling in harder grounds such as rock or frost here.
You could also try the Diggalign Inclinometer for greater accuracy.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Foundation Technologies make a commitment to Digga auger drives and their machinery attachments.

Digga Machinery Attachment
Steve Hassett, Foundation Technologies Australia business owner and co-founder used his first Digga auger drive unit in January 2017 and since then he’s never looked back; making a commitment to Digga and their Australian manufacturing.

Starting off with just one machine in 2012, Foundation Technologies now have six machines ranging from 1.7 – 13 tonne excavators, specialising in residential screw piling.

For the last five years Steve has been using alternative machinery attachment brands but following his success with his first Digga purchase earlier this year he has decided to change all of his auger drives over to Digga Machinery Attachments.

Steve has been extremely impressed with the technology the Digga auger drives offer, particularly the 2 speed units (which he now owns 2 of) and he says it’s something that the rest of the market doesn’t offer, “our Digga PD12 on the 3.5T Yanmar gives us up to 9000nm of output torque with the opportunity to help out our clients where access is tight.”

Our 2 speed drilling auger drives give a high speed, low torque setting which is ideal for smaller auger jobs when you need the extra RPM, and a low speed, high torque for when you really need to install to a higher toque. Having a greater performance with these 2 speed options gives you more practicality on jobs; it’s like having 2 drive units in 1. You can find more information on the Digga 2 speed auger drives on our website.

Purchasing an Australian brand plays a big part for Steve in his buying decisions especially when he knows his products are manufactured right here in Queensland,
“With the service offer and the back up support Digga have given me it’s all very impressive. The team down here in Melbourne especially have been great, and I’ve pledged my commitment to Digga Australia to help grow my business!”
Foundation Technologies are one of the largest contractors of screw piles in Victoria and geared up to supply and install screw piles for the residential building market. Steve Hassett has an expert, direct knowledge of the screw piling industry and dedicated to providing cost effective and fully engineered solutions for his clients that will stand the test of time.
In addition to leading the market in the installation of steel screw piles, Foundation Technologies Australia sponsors a team of young developing cyclists and has been a major sponsor of the Master Builders Association of Victoria for many years. Steve feels a sense of community and giving back to the industry is equally important as having a successful business.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

It's slashing season!

With much of Queensland already at very high risk on the fire danger ratings, slashing overgrown vegetation, mowing grasses and trimming back low-lying branches is imperative at this time of year.

While back burning is the preferred method of bushfire prevention, it is not always possible and reducing the fuel for fire is critical in helping keep communities safe, making bushfires easier to control and helping to prevent the spread to residential areas.

Digga have a range of forestry and vegetation management attachments ideal for use in minimizing the risk of fire hazard. Built for slashing and clearing grasslands and low level shrubbery the Digga Slasher is the introductory offering in the Digga range of forestry and vegetation management attachments and is perfect for smaller property maintenance, clearing scrub, tidying fence lines, general landscaping, roadway maintenance and parks maintenance.

Available to suit mini loaders, skid steers, excavators and tractors the Digga Slasher is available with 3 different width options depending on your machine and access limitations. Manufactured to suit all types of ground conditions in the diverse Australian landscape the Digga Slasher features a chain curtain to supress debris and height adjustable rounded side skids for smoother manoeuvrability over uneven terrain. Benefitting from a twin blade, dual rotation single cutting bar it comes complete with hoses and couplers.

Anthony Wieckmann, Queensland Sales Manager commented,
“The Digga Slasher continues to be a top attachment at this time of year. It’s the perfect tool for cutting back long grasses and low level shrubbery that might lead to fire hazards while keeping paddocks tidy. Whether it be creating fire breaks, cutting the grass for the local parks and recreational areas or slashing paddocks out on the farm, the Digga Slasher is manufactured in Australia from quality materials ensuring performance and longevity.”
Digga offers a serious collection of land maintenance attachments which includes the Slasher, Mulchers, Stick Rakes, Flail Mowers and Rotary Axes suitable for skid steer loaders and excavators. Each designed and manufactured with unique end user benefits the Digga range of forestry and vegetation management attachments make land maintenance even easier for customers.

To help customers get ready for the coming season and help to promote the importance of cutting back overgrown grasslands and paddocks, Digga are giving away a free set of replacement blades with every Digga Slasher purchase made during October 2017*. 

*Terms and conditions apply – a free set of replacement blades will be supplied with every Slasher purchase made between 1st October 2017 and 31st October 2017. 
Please see for full details.
For more information on the Digga Slasher and the full range of forestry and vegetation management attachments visit or check Digga out on Facebook to watch the Digga Slasher at work – follow @Digga.Aus

For more information on your local bush fire safety, upcoming safety events and more visit your local Rural Fire Service website:

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Digga tips - best practice when drilling in rock.

When drilling rock or frost, we recommend that you periodically remove the auger from the hole. That is stop drilling, bring the auger head to the surface to allow air into the hole.

While it may seem excessive to have to bring the auger out every few minutes, you will find you will actually drill the hole quicker and be more efficient with your wearparts.

By lifting the auger out of the hole, it allows the air back down the hole. When you are drilling for an extended period of time, the air is expelled from the drill face and it creates an oven effect at the bottom of the hole from the heat of the drill against the rock; the face of the rock you are attempting to drill will glaze over, (like it has been polished) and become a harder surface.

By lifting the auger out of the hole it allows air back down, cools the teeth tips and also allows you to check the teeth and replace if necessary – they are after all wearparts….

We commonly hear of people adding water to the hole, but this alone is not the answer. The frequency of removing the auger from the drill face has a much greater benefit. When drilling rock a small amount of water will certainly help to bind up the spoil, clear the head easier and help cool the teeth down but as we all know, water is not always readily available, especially on remote worksites.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Summit Landscapes of NSW tell us why they choose Digga Machinery Attachments.

Offering practical solutions for our customers is imperative for Digga and our range of machinery attachments.

Proving just that is Mitch Wetton from Summit Landscapes. The local family owned and operated business working in the Smeaton Grange and Narellan areas of NSW specialise in construction landscaping, concreting and all excavation/ bulk earthworks.

In the last 15 years Mitch has grown to love Digga Machinery Attachments.

He had been using a range of Digga attachments through rental companies for several years but felt it was important to invest in his own attachments following successes servicing both small and large builders on a residential and commercial scale.

Mitch purchased his first Digga attachment almost 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back since, with his range of Digga attachments growing annually!

He regularly uses his Digga Auger Drive units with rock combo and dedicated rock augers to drill holes for structural piers in concrete and post holes for retaining walls.

He boasts multiple high volume buckets for his Bobcats which are used on a daily basis for earthmoving and digging and he says his Digga Pallet Forks are extremely useful when unloading his trucks and moving materials around his yard.

The Digga Ezi Loader ramps have become an essential part of loading up as well as doubling as a float.
“It’s the peace of mind in knowing that the guys at Digga are local and helpful and totally dedicated to their products and service. I’ve been using Digga machinery attachments for approximately 15 years now and they continue to offer great competitive pricing and practical tools to help get the job done!” 
For more information on the range of Digga Machinery Attachments visit 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Helical piling experts give Digga's Australian Manufacturing a tick in the box

digga machinery attachments
Coming from a background of Australian small business, helical piling experts Brodie and Rob Houghton believe that supporting Australian manufacturing, skills and ingenuity should be top of the list when selecting new machinery attachments.

Brodie and Rob Houghton have over 25 years of experience in small business development, servicing specialist engineering and construction industry niches, including extensive experience in the Residential, Civil and Commercial Construction disciplines. Brodie and Rob are now the Directors of Solidity Pty Ltd, specialists in Helical Pile manufacture and installation.

Solidity service the entire state of Victoria, with emphasis on areas with swampy or sandy foundations, where helical piling provides significant economic and structural benefits over the concrete bored pile equivalent.

The Solidity team operate using a number of different machinery platforms, and have recently purchased a new 5.5T excavator. Each of their excavators is matched to a high torque auger drive unit and a digital torque monitoring device which Brodie says “ensures a reliable and efficient pile installation.”

With Solidity’s core values centring on quality and service, Brodie isn’t prepared to lose focus on delivering reliable and efficient pile installation for his customers when selecting his new machinery attachments. Despite his years of experience with different brands and models of machinery attachments, he still conducts a significant amount of shopping around before choosing the right brand of attachment for him.
“From living through a huge dynamic shift brought about by the downturn in our economy and rise in foreign imports we see the need to constantly strive to support Australian manufacturers wherever possible. We chose Digga due to their reputation for reliability and their Australian heritage. In the development of Solidity, we see an opportunity to build a business with a core ethos supporting Australian skills and ingenuity and as such, one of the first boxes on our list of criteria when it comes to selecting machinery attachments was the country of origin. Digga ticks that box for us!”
As expected, Solidity undertook further research into Digga and other machinery attachment manufacturers, receiving first word reports from their trusted associates, consulting the internet and seeking advice from third party sales and technical staff. Brodie explained that in the end, “It was countless anecdotes from associates in the industry which helped to confirm claims of reliability made by sales staff from various machinery resellers that cemented the decision to use Digga attachments exclusively as our business grows.”

Solidity Pty Ltd paired their new 5.5T Hitatchi ZX-55U to a Digga PD12 Auger drive, with RC8 Rock Drill and a Digga Pressure Differential Gauge and told us that they have been extremely pleased with the all their new Digga gear so far.
Digga machinery attachments
Thanks to the unique Digga/Eaton bell motors used in the Digga drive range, the PD12 produces significant torque outputs which Brodie believes to be suitable for almost all residential screw piling applications and adds that “the real benefit for selecting the PD12 for us is having the confidence to put the drive to work every day without the worry of failure or malfunction”.

The Solidity team have already been using their drive daily along with the Digga Pressure Differential Gauge. Designed to give you greater accuracy in your work, Brodie explained that the gauge has really helped him and his team to reliably and accurately compile loading correlation charts based on the dynamic load testing of their products, cross referenced to installation torque calculations.
“By using the Digga Pressure Differential gauge, we take away any and all guess work from our process – ensuring our installations are performed correctly every time.”
By helping to ensure a higher degree of quality control throughout their projects, the Pressure Differential Gauge has allowed Solidity to reduce risk factors in their operations, which in turn have generated savings that they have passed onto their clients.

Every product in the Digga range of machinery attachments has been designed and built for the varying Australian conditions, providing customers with our uncompromised dedication to high quality, competitively priced, Australian manufacturing, something which Solidity put their trust in, “given that the Digga products we purchase are all Australian Made, we take solace in the notion that if any issues were to arise with any of our purchases, parts and expertise are only a phone call away, giving me even more peace of mind!”

Solidity not only install steel helical piles, but they also have an Australian Manufacturing facility where they manufacture helical piles, anchoring systems and speciality pile cap modules to make the subsequent stages of construction as simple and efficient as possible. The business manufacturers their products in-house, giving them the benefit of being able to design and produce to any specification. They also have the ability to manufacture and supply a range of pre-designed solutions for connection detail. To find out more information on Solidity visit

Friday, 1 September 2017

‘Unbreakable’ screw anchor drives the foundation of successful screw pier contractor.

Using the Digga screw anchor drives for screw piling - customer review
A man who spent years trying to break Digga screw anchor drive units now says he can’t run his business without them.

Geoff Taunton runs Gold Coast Screw Piers, a Queensland-based deep foundation system provider servicing more than 200 clients from Coffs Harbour to Cairns. Explaining the history of his business, Geoff told us:
"Back when Digga was still in the R&D phase they would give me a new test auger drive unit and tell me to go and break it. Installing screw piers and bored piers involves putting extreme vertical force on the piece of machinery attachment. It’s extremely harsh on the equipment, so it was really an ideal testing ground for the drive units. I would break the drive and tell Digga exactly what I was doing and what pressure it was under when it broke. They would use that information to improve the design, then give me a new one to break and the process would start again. These days it’s pretty hard to break a Digga screw anchor drive. For such a severe application, the success rate we see with our Digga drive units is nothing short of astonishing.”
A Digga drive unit powers the digging/boring attachment on a piece of earthmoving equipment. The power and efficiency of the attachment is directly related to the quality of the screw anchor drive unit.
The new generation Digga screw anchor drives are the culmination of 30 years of Australian design and development. They are optimised for the tonnage of the machine, making it simple to select the correct drive.

Screw piers or screw piling is an alternative to bored piers and traditional stumps where a hole is dug and filled with concrete. A screw pier is a heavy duty steel tube with a screw head at one end that allows it to be literally screwed into the ground. This approach minimises waste and mess, and it saves significant time on installation. Screw piers can also be adjusted once they’re in place, making them more flexible and suitable for almost any building style.

“We do screw piers for everything from swimming pools to 13-storey buildings,” Geoff said. “The idea is to transfer the load from the structure’s immediate footings down to an appropriate depth to create more stability and less movement. It’s ideal for earthquake zones and we’re looking to expand into areas like New Zealand in the next year or so". As well as being faster and more flexible, Geoff explains that the screw pier system is also cheaper than concrete piles:
“I’m lucky in that we have excellent market share, but it’s still incredibly important that we be up and running all the time. I can’t afford an equipment failure and the Digga screw anchor drives are absolutely essential to what we do. We can’t function without them. With all of the R&D they did and still do, I believe the Digga auger drives are basically unbreakable. When you match the right drive to the right machine for the task, no one can compete with the speed, efficiency and productivity these drives provide.” 
Geoff says a regular maintenance schedule is all that’s needed to keep the Digga auger drives up and running, year after year:
“I’m still running the first drive I bought from Digga 10 years ago. A daily 10-minute maintenance regime plus a service from Digga at regular intervals is all you need to keep them working reliably. If I break an auger drive now it can always be repaired and put back to work as good as new. There’s no need to go out and replace your auger drives in the same way you would replace your excavators.”
Geoff now runs 18 Digga drives ranging from the smaller PD5 units to the UD300 for larger jobs. The augers are matched to a fleet of excavators that range in size from 3.5 tonnes to 35 tonnes. 
Geoff says the unrivalled quality of the Digga drives is matched by its service.
“The service I get from Digga is perfect. I’ve tried others and they simply don’t measure up. They’re very fair, incredibly responsive and, most important, they stand behind their product so I know if I ever have a problem it will be resolved – and fast.”
Digga drives are designed and manufactured specifically for the harsh Australian conditions, where extreme heat, dust and hard soils are particularly tough on equipment. Digga manufactures its gearboxes in house to ensure world leading manufacturing processes, tolerances and quality controls through cycling testing and FEA analysis. As a result, Digga can offer the industry’s longest warranty on gearboxes at five years, plus a three-year warranty on motors.

Digga’s proprietary hydraulic motor and planetary gearbox means the drive units are compact and lightweight, require no case drain, complex hosing, valving or filtration and no detuning of the machine. An inbuilt pressure relief valve is standard on drive units for machines above 12 tonnes.

For more information on Digga screw anchor drives or other attachments, go to

For more information on Gold Coast Screw Piers visit
Using the Digga screw anchor drives for screw piling - customer review

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

New excavator cradle hitch for Digga augers.

New Digga cradle hitch for excavators - Digga attachments
Digga's new excavator cradle hitch has been designed to make safe manoeuvring around work sites even easier and provide a simpler connection to Digga augers and screw piles.

The double pin hitch with drive unit cradle makes it ideal for use in all ground conditions giving you better control when moving from hole to hole.

Available with loose pin or fixed pin options.
Suitable for use with PD3-PD50 drive models.

For more information visit 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Digga win Gold Coast Business Excellence Award in Manufacturing, August 2017!

Digga Australia are proud to announce that they have been announced winners of the Manufacturing award at the August Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards!

The Gold Coast Business Award honours businesses on the Gold Coast who lead and shape the future in the different industry sectors. 

The award demonstrates the hard work and dedication the team at Digga put in day in, day out in achieving operational excellence, innovation and success.
Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Digga CEO Suzie Wright said,
“We are honoured by this recognition, and fiercely proud to be a Gold Coast manufacturing business supplying products around the world ... It is testament to the outstanding team of people - the 'Diggaholics' who make our goals reality!"
Digga are now in the running to win the Gold Coast Business of the Year which will be announced later in the year.

Digga tips - when to rotate picks and change the teeth in your auger.

You will at some point need to replace your auger teeth, when is dependent on how often they are used, how they are looked after and the ground conditions they are being used.

However, the teeth on your auger should be changed as soon as reasonable wear is noticed and before any pocket wear occurs. The productivity of the auger will decrease as the efficiency of the teeth wears.

The outside teeth are travelling the greatest distance as they follow the rotation of the circumference of the augers diameter so they will wear out much quicker than those towards the centre. This is because they have not been travelling as greater distance. The most common sign of wear is to the outer tips of the tooth and this wear will follow the radius of the diameter.

If you continue to wear through your outer teeth, you will begin to wear into the pockets and the flights of the auger.

It is important to check your teeth regularly to work productively and efficiently.
If you find yourself in a remote location and unable to replace your worn teeth right away, try swapping the inside teeth closest to the pilot with the outside teeth so you can continue to work until you acquire new ones.

You should also regularly check the pilot. If the pilot is worn and cannot effectively penetrate the ground then the rest of the auger will not be able to do its job. It is important to replace the pilot when wear is apparent on the tips.

Check out our article "Digga tips - best practices for increasing the life of your wearparts"

Below are a number of images which show different levels of wear to teeth.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Screw piles and screw piling.

What is a screw pile?
A screw pile is also known as a helical pile, helical anchor, helix pier, screw anchor, helical pier, torque pile and/ or torque anchor.

What is screw piling? 
In unstable grounds when a traditional cast-in-place foundation system is not possible, screw piling offers a foundation support system for an ever increasing number of applications. Screw piling is the application of a screw pile into the ground. A screw pile is a factory manufactured steel foundation system consisting of a central rod with one or more helix shaped blade plates and a bracket at the end that allows attachment to a structure. The tip is cut on an angle to allow it to penetrate the ground as a pilot. The pile has 'flights' which are flat in pitch to help the pile pull itself into the ground with minimum downforce applied. With the use of an excavator and a hydraulic screw anchor drive motor attached, the screw pile is screwed into the ground to the desired compression torque or depth.
You can find out about the history of screw piling here and review some advantages to the process here.