Thursday, 19 April 2018

Digga at The National Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo

What a weekend at the National Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo in Penrith!

The Digga team were extremely busy all last week fitting our site with products and information ready to greet customers.
Digga Diesel Dirt and Turf
The weekend arrived and the team were kept on their toes meeting new and existing customers - there were crowds queuing to get in on Friday morning!
Digga events - diesel dirt and turf
We exhibited a wide range of our products including new products and product concepts coming soon.

You can find further information on all our existing product range on display at the show here.

The Digga show special is available until 30th April 2018. Take advantage while stocks last: 

  • Get a FREE Diggatac chain upgrade when you purchase any size trencher with earth chain 
  • Get a FREE Tungten teeth upgrade when you purchase any earth auger

We had a number of new products and product concepts on display at the show, excited to gain insight and feedback.

The new General purpose bucket and Telehandler crane jib proved popular and we spoke to customers about the Digga Halo and new Digga Slasher due to launch mid-2018.

Digga Halo 

The Digga Halo aids vertical alignment when drilling and screw piling. It is still in development at our Brisbane facility but in this video, Anthony gives you a brief overview on the product:

Stay up to date with our Halo testing, development and launch dates by signing up to Halo communications here: Sign up for Halo updates.

Digga Slasher

If you visited our stand at Diesel Dirt and Turf you will have seen our latest Slasher development.

Again, this product is still in development but we want to make the Slasher, the best it can be -  as such looking for a Slasher 'wishlist'.

If you have any new features you'd like to see on the Digga Slasher, get in touch! Whatever the idea we'd love to hear from you.

Please email to have your say. 

If you would like to talk to the Digga team regarding any of the above or from the show please get in touch with us on 1300 234 442.

New product - telehandler lifting jib

Our latest product, the telehandler lifting jib is designed for transporting and placing heavy loads such as beams or frames.

It has a 6-tonne working load limit and available in two different sizes to increase the forward reach: 600mm and 1400mm reach.

This machinery attachment is currently certified for lifting with JCB machinery only. It can be used on other machinery but it is not certified for lifting at this time. Please contact us if you would like further information on this.

For more information on the telehandler lifting jib please click here to visit our website.

New product - general purpose bucket

New to our range of buckets is the GP or 'general purpose' bucket.

A general purpose bucket benefits from a lighter weight design over a 4 in 1 bucket thanks to it's simpler construction. This gives operators greater lifting capability with a greater option of bucket widths suitable for their machines lift capacity.

Suitable for grading, scraping, dozing dirt and spreading material the GP bucket is available for skid steer loaders.

Full range of sizes available from 1450mm to 2200mm.

Features & benefits of the new Digga GP bucket 

  • It's super low profile design gives the operator clear vision of the bucket edges
  • A lightweight design offers a greater option of bucket widths suitable for the machines lifting capacity. 
  • Heavy duty wear strips across the front edge and bucket floor for added bucket life
  • Convenient steps for added safety and easy access to the cab 
  • Optional bolt-on cutting edges to extend the lift of your bucket floor
  • Design and manufactured in Australia from quality Australian materials by committed Australian workers. 
For more information visit our website 

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The Digga team get ready for Diesel Dirt & Turf 2018

With less than 1 week to go until the show starts, the Digga team are almost ready to depart down to Penrith, New South Wales for Diesel, Dirt and Turf 2018.

Now in its third event, Diesel Dirt and Turf has quickly become the country's largest and most anticipated earthmoving event of the season and this year will be no letdown.

Find Digga on stand 46 to be one of the first to see our 4 new product concepts plus we have exclusive show specials and prizes to be won. We'll also have our technical experts on site to help you with any of your Digga product and application queries. 

Event details:
Diesel, Dirt & Turf
13th -15th April 2018
Friday & Saturday 9.30am - 5.00pm / Sunday 10.00am - 3.00pm
123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith, NSW 2750
The event is FREE entry and there is free parking on site.

View the map below to find the Digga stand (number 46).

Monday, 2 April 2018

Trencher wearparts

Keeping on top of your wear parts and prolonging their life will keep you working efficiently for longer.
In this video Anthony Wieckmann, Digga Sales Manager, explains how to tell if your teeth are worn and when you need to change them.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Digga powder coating

A powder coat finish offers greater resistance to chipping, scratching, fading and general wear to the surface than other finishes.

All our attachments are powder coated which gives them better protection and durability. Powder coating can give a much cleaner coverage of the bucket than a standard wet coat paint. Here we tested that by sticking two buckets out in the weather for 4 weeks. We chose buckets because they have a lot of angles and are easily comparative when on display in dealer showrooms and yards.

So, we set up a test of 2 buckets. 

The experiment.

We chose 2 Digga buckets that were the exact same product only we powder coated one and gave the other a standard wet coat paint finish. To start with the buckets appeared pretty identical and it isn't obvious which finish is which.

We left the buckets outside for 4 weeks.

We didn't use them, we simply left them open to the elements of the Australian weather - similar to buckets left on display in the yard of a dealership.

We monitored changes to their appearance weekly and recorded the results.

The results.

Week 1
The powder coated bucket shows little to no change in appearance. 

Rust is beginning to form on the standard wet coat bucket.

Week 2
At the end of week 2, the powder coat bucket still shows little to no change in appearance.

While rust spots have become more apparent on the standard wet coated bucket. 

As week 3 progressed more rust developed on the standard wet coat finished bucket. The powder coat bucket continued to show little to no change in appearance. 

Week 4 
At the end of week 4, there is a significant difference in the two buckets despite being exposed to the exact same elements - no work just sun, wind and rain. 
Still, the powder coated bucket showed little change in appearance. 

Pins, linkages and bushes are showing heavy rust on the standard wet coat paint finished bucket.

Imagine if these buckets had been sat around for longer than 4 weeks? 

For the full story, watch our latest video:

A Digga powder coated bucket is durable and long-wearing. We want to provide you with tried and tested, reliable machinery attachments manufactured right here in Australia. 

For more information check out our Facebook page and other articles on our manufacturing facilites.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Reuben Excavations in Melbourne's south east choose Digga auger drive

Choosing a Digga auger drive

Business owner and operator Brad spoke to us about their Digga auger drive and decisions for choosing Digga.

They have owned a Digga PD4 auger drive and a number of differently sized augers for the last 5 years. They chose Digga because they wanted a well-known brand that produced a quality product range and with a good reputation.

Brad uses their Digga auger drive to drill holes for stumps and posts, deep piles to form anchors for historic buildings, light towers and fence posts.

Brad's comments on the Digga auger drive:

I use the auger drive on our 3.5-ton excavator and I can trust our PD4 and I can trust the support from Digga Australia.
Digga wants to be there for the customer long after you’ve purchased it. When the time came to give our drive a service and going over, the staff at Digga were more than helpful- they shared the knowledge they had about other customers experience and shared tips on best practice and what to do to prolong the PD4s life.
I’d recommend a Digga auger drive to anyone looking to purchase one. It’s durable, proven itself in the field and developed, built and supported by Australians right here in Australia.

Reuben Excavations

Brad is the business owner for Reuben Excavations. Reuben Excavations of Melbourne’s south-east are a small excavation and earthmoving contractor providing services to all trades within the building and civil sectors.

Rocky's Excavations review the Digga Slasher

Rocky's Excavations and the Digga Slasher

Rocky Toohey and Bregan Lockett business owners at Rocky's Excavations explained, their most used Digga attachment is the Slasher - for land clearing, grass and weed slashing.  
“The slasher is always impressing our customers with just how much it can slash and the different types of weeds and lantana it removes so quickly.
The Digga slasher removes small trees cutting them up to nothing. Working on acreage properties in the summer the Digga slasher is our most requested attachment for land maintenance, fence line clearing and acreage upkeep.”

 Benefits of the Digga Slasher

  • Built for slashing and clearing grasslands and low-level shrubbery the Digga Slasher is the introductory offering in the Digga range of forestry and vegetation management attachments. 
  • It is perfect for smaller property maintenance, clearing light scrub, tidying fence lines, general landscaping, roadway maintenance and parks maintenance. 
  • Available to suit mini loaders, skid steers, excavators and tractors the Digga Slasher is available with 3 different width options depending on your machine and access limitations. 
  • Benefitting from a twin blade, dual rotation single cutting bar it comes complete with hoses and couplers.

Rocky's Excavations

“We would definitely recommend the Digga Slasher to anyone looking for an easy way to remove grass and weeds. It has stood the test for some stubborn weeds and trees and is still going strong”. 
Rocky’s Excavations from Canungra have built their business around the Gold Coast, Scenic Rim, and Brisbane area, servicing all aspects of earthmoving and excavation works. They also service local farms and acreage owners for land maintenance, horse arenas and general property maintenance.

You can find more information about their business on their Facebook page

For more information on the Digga Slasher check out our website or review our other blog posts: 

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Features & benefits of the Digga 2 speed auger drive

In our latest video, Queensland Sales Manager Anthony Wieckmann talks to us about the benefits of using the Digga 2 speed drive unit.

For more information on the Digga 2 speed drive unit have a read of our other blog posts:
Alternatively, visit the Digga website 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Digga Morning Teal Event for Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Awareness month

February is ovarian cancer awareness month and a cause very close to home for the team at Digga Australia.

Yesterday (22.02.2018) the Digga community raised over $15,000 for Ovarian Cancer Australia following a full day of fundraising activities at their facilities in Yatala, Queensland.

Digga would like to thank the entire Digga community for getting involved and taking part in this amazing cause - we could not have done it alone.

Ovarian Cancer Australia

Ovarian Cancer Australia provides vital services for women living with ovarian cancer and raises awareness of the disease. Every year thousands of Australian women are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, the deadliest form of cancer. Contrary to what many people believe, a pap test will not detect ovarian cancer, there is currently no early detection test.

Digga Morning Teal

The team at Digga initially decided to organize a Morning Teal for staff with a gold coin donation and the proceeds would be donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia. However, a morning tea quickly became a sausage sizzle and before long we had gifts being dropped off from suppliers and dealers to hold a raffle.

By the day of the event, the Digga team had received over 70 prizes donated for a raffle and auction with a value upwards of $4000. The team also saw cash donations in excess of $5000 on their fundraising page from our amazing suppliers, dealers, and local businesses.

Many of the prizes, including a Lenovo tablet (donated by Fuse recruitment), 4x AFL tickets for the Brisbane Lions (donated by CC Amatil) and 3x Bauer media magazine subscriptions (donated by Bauer Media) were raffled in a lucky dip prize draw.

Top prizes from Bohler, Castrol, Total Steel, ARK Parts, Hastings Deering Cat, Eaton, Westpac, JCB, and R& J Batteries were auctioned off in a silent auction. Some of the prizes included were a V8 Supercar driver experience, corporate seats to the Titans vs Broncos and a very sought after 70l hot pink Caterpillar esky. Staff were bidding until the last second to get their hands on some of the prizes!

If you would like to donate to Ovarian Cancer Australia, visit our fundraising page here.

Thank you to our suppliers, dealers & local businesses

All of the raffle and auction prizes came from our generous suppliers, dealers, and local businesses and we would like to thank them all for being a part of our Digga community fundraising efforts:

Total Steel
Bauer Media
Hastings Deering Cat
Bauer Media
ARK parts
R&J Batteries
Akzo Noble
Corporate travel partners
Fuse Recruitment
CC Amatil
Shearer's Arms Tavern
Mad Ink
Preferred car care
Beenleigh Butchery
Office Choice
Norfolk Tavern
Coral Cay Resort
Jamberry pamper
Murray Bros - Jeremy Poole
Gold Coast Titans
Zena Wolfenden
Peter Bare Arsed Mechanical
Stone & Wood
Gabrielle Craddock

Monday, 12 February 2018

Maintenance for you Digga drive unit

Digga drilling drives.

Digga's range of premium drilling auger drives are the ultimate is performance, quality and cost effectiveness.  Ideally suited to drilling and auguring applications in most ground conditions, the Digga drive range is completely manufactured and assembled by Digga in Yatala, Queensland.

Maintenance for your Digga drive unit.

In this video, Mark talks you through the maintenance checks you can make to your Digga drive unit.

Before each use you should check the following:

  • Make sure all nuts and bolts are in place and secured tightly
  • Make sure all other fasteners are in place and secured 
  • Check all hydraulic connections are tight and that there are no leaks 
  • Ensure all your safety signs are in place and visible 
  • Check externally for oil leaks 
  • Check the pins, bushes and linkages for wear and tear

If you need to make any repairs or maintenance to your drive unit please refer to your user manual for guidance or contact your local Digga dealer. 

Checking your oil. 

There are no provisions to check the level of your gearbox oil on your Digga drive. 
All Digga drive units are dispatched from the factory filled with the correct level of oil. Unless there are clears signs of external oil leakage there is no reason to have to top up or change your oil between service intervals.

Moderate operating conditions 

If you are working in moderate operating conditions you should change your oil at 3 months or after 50 hours of use; then every 500 hours or 12 months, whichever comes sooner. 

Severe operating conditions 

If you are working in severe operating conditions you should change your oil at 30 hours months; then every 300 hours.

Digga recommend an ISO 320 grade mineral oil for your gearbox. 

Changing the oil. 

If you're unable to book your drive unit in for a service you can change the oil in your drive as per the recommended service intervals. 
To change the oil in your gearbox follow these steps, refer to our video and your user manual. 
  1. Lay the drive down with the bung facing up (we also refer to this as the 12 o'clock position) 
  2. Using an 8mm allen key, remove the bung. 
  3. To drain the oil, you need to turn the drive unit so that the bung is facing down and the oil can drip out. You will need a drip tray to collect the old oil. 
  4. Rotate the drive unit until the hole is facing 60 - 70 degrees, or the 2 o'clock position. 
  5. Using a funnel, slowly fill your gear case with oil. 
  6. When you have the hole facing the 2 o'clock position you will be able to see the oil at the bottom of the hole thread. Shining a torch light into the hole will help you see this. 
  7. If the oil level is still too low to reach the thread, repeat the steps 4 - 6 until your drive is full. 

If you have any queries or concerns please consult your users manual or make contact with your local Digga dealer. Alternatively you can contact us at any of our three branches in QLD, NSW or VIC on 1300 4 DIGGA.

Have a look at the effects of a gear where it has not been serviced and the oil has not been changed, here. 

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Level Cut Excavations approve the Digga PD12 drive unit

Level cut excavations

Doug Sparkes is the owner of family run business Level Cut Excavations in Hastings, Victoria. His company can do any kind of earth moving or excavation and specialise in screw piles and bored piers.

Doug uses the Digga PD12 fitted with a standard double pin hitch connected to his 5.5 tonne Kubota excavator. To install screw piles to a max torque of 11,268Nm Doug had the Digga ECV retrofitted to his drive.

Digga ECV

Also known as the swoosh valve, the ECV turns a standard auger drive into a screw anchor drive.
In doing so, it protects the gearbox and motor in your drive from the rapid decompression of oil and pressure build up after achieving required torque. 

By the time installation torque is reached and the operator stops the machine, the screw pile has built up rotational energy - similar to a rubber band on a wind up model aeroplane. This can cause the pile to momentarily 'kick back' and force the energy back up the screw pile through the drive shaft, the gear box and the hydraulic motor. This action effectively turns the motor into a high speed pump, generating cavitation of the motor which causes motor failure and potentially expensive replacement costs. The valve allows this energy to release, avoiding the build-up and protecting the drive unit. 

Read more about the Digga Energy Control Valve here.

 Customer approved

As Doug is using this auger drive regularly in residential builds the PD12 fitted with the ECV was a practical and cost effective solution for him.  

We spoke to Doug about his Digga PD12 drive. He explained, 
"I use the Digga unit all day every day and it just keeps on going with full power. Its strength is in its reliability. I chose Digga because it’s a well-known brand, and this drive hasn’t let me down. I would definitely recommend Digga to other people looking for earth moving and machinery attachments, particularly the PD12”.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Australia Day Playlist !

Australia's top 100 songs will help you celebrate Australia Day in style. Enjoy over 6 hours of Aussie classics including Cold Chisel, Angels, INXS, Hunters, Paul Kelly, Australian Crawl, ACDC and more. Digga is a proud Australian Manufacturer employing over 200 people.

Here's to Australian Made!

Monday, 22 January 2018

Australian manufacturing means quality, reliable products

For Digga Australia, keeping manufacturing in Australia and continually developing jobs and trades within the country is key to our success.

We believe that Australian manufacturing means quality made…

We understand the importance in supplying you, our customers, with the tools you can put to work day in day out and strive to continually supply reliable, durable and Australian manufactured products.

Being familiar with the diverse Australian landscape means we understand the power you need. We know how to engineer our attachments so that they work for you. 

But don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our customers have to say:

“It’s the peace of mind in knowing that the guys at Digga are local and helpful and totally dedicated to their products and services” - Mitch Wetton, Summit Landscapes
“Digga products are engineered for the Australian job site - from the steel used to manufacture the buckets to the overall quality of the manufacturing”- Mick Sheldon, Ace Rental
“Digga products are manufactured to be easy to use and versatile” -  David Savic, Savic Plant Hire
“The real benefit with the Digga PD12 is having the confidence to put the drive to work every day without the worry of failure or malfunction” -  Brodie Houghton, Solidity PTY Ltd
“I use my Digga PD12 to install screw piles for residential homes and commercial factories. Its key feature is reliability – it just keeps going with full power all day every day” - Doug Sparks, Level Cut Excavations

Australian manufacturing.

With 85% of all parts and components for our earth moving attachments and planetary gearboxes machined and manufactured in-house at our 12,500 sqm factory in Yatala, Queensland, we see every bit of your attachment through its manufacture. We use some of the most technological advanced manufacturing machinery in Australia and work to stringent quality checks.

You can see for yourself on our Facebook and Instagram pages – our customers share their experiences with their Digga machinery attachments daily. 

For more information on our manufacturing process and range of machinery attachments visit our Facebook videos. Alternatively contact your local Digga dealer or Digga sales representative. 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Understanding Digga excavator hitches

Digga manufacture a range of excavator hitches for machines up to 90 tonne. All our hitches are custom made to your machines requirements and vary in suitability depending on your use.

In this article we will outline the key advantages of each of our excavator hitches and explain how to submit an order.

Digga excavator hitches

Choosing from Digga’s range of excavator hitches will vary based on the application and attachment, and your machine. Below are 4 of Digga’s excavator hitches which are fully engineered and manufactured at our Yatala facility in Queensland. 

Digga single pin hitch

The single-pin hitch is suitable for excavators using smaller drives. It is a light weight, non-bulky option for smaller machines. This hitch can be used to fit Digga PDD to PD3 drive units on micro or mini excavators up to 3 tonne.Its weight and size make it easy to transport, fit and offers a financially economical option.
Excavator hitch Digga

Digga double pin hitch

Our standard configuration, double-pin excavator hitch. It can be used on all excavators as it has the option to choose loose or fixed pin.
The double pin fixtures make it ideal for augering and screw anchoring in all ground conditions. It is suitable for all drive unit ranges from PDD to PD50, Supa Drives, Mega Drives, Ultra Drives and Xtreme Drives.
Digga Excavator hitch

Digga cradle hitch

The excavator cradle hitch was designed to provide a simpler connection to augers and piles and make it easier to manoeuvring around work sites safely; giving you better control when moving around the job site as the cradle supports the drive.
It is available with loose pin or fixed pin options and suitable for PDD – PD50 drives. There is more information on the benefits of using the Digga cradle hitch, here.
Excavator hitch

Digga piling hitch

The piling hitch was designed to handle the torsional loads of anchors and screw piling. It has a fully engineered, extra heavy duty design and manufactured from premium grade steel.
The piling hitch cradles the drive in 3 different positions to give better control and manoeuvrability when moving around the job site as well as easier connectivity to augers and screw piles.
As it has been designed for screw piling, it is suited to larger drive units from PD12 – PD50, Supa Drives, Mega Drives, Ultra Drives and Xtreme Drives.
There is more information on the benefits of using the piling cradle hitch, here.
Digga Excavator Hitch

Ordering your excavator hitch and supplying the correct measurements

When you’re ordering a hitch for your attachment it’s important you supply the correct details to ensure your hitch fits the machine and application.
You will need to take some measurements of bucket and supply: machine make and model and your Digga attachment part number.
To order your excavator hitch you can complete the details on the Digga website, here.
See the reference diagrams below. These are also available within the online order form and highlight where to take the measurements from.

Double pin hitch reference diagram

A. Distance between pin centres
B. Back pin diameter 
C. Front pin diameter
D. Distance between back ears 
E. Distance between front ears

Single pin hitch reference diagram

C. Front pin diameter
E. Distance between front ears

If you would like further information on anything to do with the Digga range of excavator hitches leave a comment below with the details and we will get back to you. 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Digga tips: drilling in clay

When you’re drilling in clay it can be difficult to remove the spoil off of the auger.

It’s tempting to alternate the drive from forward to reverse to flick the clay off, but this can cause serious torque related stress on the drive gearbox which will lead to premature failure and subsequently expensive repairs.

Hitting the auger against the ground can also create side load on the shaft which could in turn damage the shaft seal and gear box.

In our previous blog post we explain the best way to remove spoil from your auger; using a forward, stop, forward, stop control pattern. This can often take a long time when working in clay and time costs money…

Here are a number of tips to help remove the spoil from your auger when drilling in clay:

  1. Drilling another hole with the clogged auger and then reversing out of the hole will remove soil from the flights
  2. Using a single carry flight auger to avoid the clay becoming compacted between the flights
  3. Choose a steep pitched auger flighting so that the soil can slide off easier
  4. Wet the auger before it goes into the hole, WD40 and soapy water can also work well.
For more information on the different teeth configurations for the most effective drilling in different ground conditions check out this blog post: Digga tips – attachments for drilling in different ground conditions

For more Digga tips, click here.

If you have any tips for drilling in different ground conditions, leave us a comment below... 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Why choose a 2-speed drive over a single speed drive?

Digga Australia - 2 speed auger drive - Australian Made
If you’re working with multiple sized augers or often in different ground conditions you’ll understand the expense and time wasted that comes with needing multiple drive units for the different applications.

When the ground is soft you want a higher speed to get the hole drilled quickly and then move onto the next one. When the ground is hard or you’re using a large auger you need torque to get the job done efficiently.

Speed and torque are always a trade-off; when you increase your speed you lose power and when you increase your power, you lose speed. Similar to a manual car, fourth gear allows speed but struggles with the power required to get the vehicle up the hill…

Standard, single speed drives are typically manufactured as a cost effective solution to provide a speed and torque to suit most applications but will give you one or the other.

In recent months we’ve seen our 2 speed auger drives grow in popularity and, as leading manufacturers, we can understand why.

We understand that for our customers time is money and so, our range of 2 speed drive units have been designed to help you work more efficiently; providing you one drive to operate in all conditions.

The two speed drive is ideal for anyone who drills in a variety of different ground conditions and with a range of different diameter augers.

As the name suggests, two speed drives have two speeds in one unit:
  • Low-speed high-torque setting and,
  • High-speed low-torque setting

The Digga 2 speed drive units give operators the option to switch between power and speed. Rather than needing 2 drives (1 for smaller diameter augers and softer grounds and 1 for larger diameter augers and harder grounds), the Digga 2 speed drive unit gives operators both functionalities in one drive.

Features and benefits of the Digga 2 speed drive range

There are a number of key features and benefits of a 2 speed drive over the standard single speed, such as:

  • Save time and money by eliminating the need for multiple drive units
  • 2 speed drives are made with Eaton motors and Digga made gearboxes. The electrical plugs are high quality waterproof "Deutsch" connectors offer superior corrosion protection and waterproof properties.
  • 2 speed drives allow for quicker drilling with a small auger and in soft grounds, and more torque for drilling with a large auger or in hard ground.
  • Switch to high speed for faster spinoff of spoil on a high torque drive
  • The low speed / high torque setting is ideal for drilling in fracturable rock; higher RPMs in rock cause the teeth to “skate” over the rock making it glaze over and become harder.
  • The host machine can run at a lower engine RPM on certain drilling jobs therefore burning less fuel
  • With the same gearbox as a single speed drive, it is the same cost to service as a single speed drive unit.
  • By drilling quicker, the job is finished faster so you can move onto the next job
  • It’s important to remember that single speed drive units have suited the market for over 30 years and unless you are working with multiple-sized augers, in different ground conditions regularly a single speed drive unit remains a very adequate option.
You can download the info flyer here or click here to find customer reviews of the two speed drive units.

For more information on our range of single speed drive units, click here.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Digga drive key features (up to PD50)

Digga’s range of screw anchor and auger drives are the ultimate in performance, quality and cost effectiveness. With over 30 years of design and development, working in the field and listening to the needs of our customers to exceed their expectations.

All Digga drive units are manufactured in Australia, by Digga - from the hood on the drive to the gear box and Eaton motor. Our drives feature key design modifications to stand them apart from the competition:

Integrated motor and output housing unit

Our custom designed hydraulic motors were developed in conjunction with Eaton, using Eaton Geroler technology. Not satisfied with an off-the-shelf motor we developed the design specifically for the earth moving industry; significantly reducing the weight and overall length of the drive unit by integrating the hydraulic motor into the actual housing.
Merging the motor with the input housing creates a direct connection to the gearset and eliminates the need for several gearbox components. In turn, there are less moving parts and fewer potential leak points.
It also means we have been able to position the hydraulic motor ports in a more practical location; maximising manoeuvrability when drilling and offering greater protection to hoses and fittings during transport and storage.

    Less maintenance and a compact design

    Our gearboxes are made in-house at our factory in Queensland, Australia. Gears are precision machined from high grade alloy steel, specifically formulated for the manufacture of high performance gears in the earth moving industry.
    The compact design of our gear set allows for greater length under the drive, for augers or pile installation. As our drives can go down the hole they provide added depth when drilling allowing you to work more efficiently.

      Two piece shaft design with the highest side load ratings

      Digga drives have more than double the side load capacity of any other gearbox on the market. Under toque load, the Digga two piece shaft design ensures there is no increased load on the bearings. The bearings do the job they were designed for, efficiently maintaining axial and side loading.
      Making the Digga shaft a separate component to the planetary carrier, the planetary gears are isolated from the pushing, pulling and bending forces generated by the machine.
      This is highly beneficial for the operator should there be any side loading; the Digga two piece shaft design ensures there is no increased load on the bearings and the gears are protected, saving you on potential costly repairs.
      Digga drives have the highest shaft pullout rating in the industry with a heavy-duty custom designed lock-nut, and a lifetime warranty on shaft pullout.

      two piece shaft design - digga auger drive

      Highest side load ratings

      Digga drives have more than double the side load capacity of any other gearbox on the market. Under toque load, the Digga two peice shaft design ensures there is no increased load on the bearing. The bearings do the job they were designed for, efficiently maintaining axial and side loading.

      Extensive warranty

      With a 3 year motor warranty and 5 year gearbox warranty, our drives are backed with 100% Australian made quality.
      Customer warranty - digga drive unit - motor warranty
      For more information on the different models in our range of auger and screw anchor drives please visit our website:

      For customer reviews on our range of drive units and information on our units in the field read more on our blog, click here

      Sunday, 26 November 2017

      Digga win 2017 Manufacturing Award at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.

      Manufacturing award - Digga Australia
      This weekend, Digga Australia were awarded the 2017 category award for Manufacturing at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.

      Digga took the annual category win for Manufacturing for the third time and became the only company in 22 years to win the same category three times.

      The Gold Coast Business Excellence awards launched in 1996 and honours businesses in the Gold Coast region who lead and shape specific industry sectors.

      The 2017 Manufacturing award recognises Digga’s ongoing commitment to providing the most innovative machinery attachments on the market with a dedication to local manufacture and teamwork.

      Following the devastating fire that occurred at the Digga Australia head office and factory just over 2 years ago, the award highlights the dedication of the team at Digga. Also known as the Diggaholics, the hard working team have rebuilt their workplace and the main manufacturing facility to be able to continue providing Australian made products on a global scale.

      Digga’s [now] 12,500sqm, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Yatala, Queensland and employs approximately 200 Australians. In the last 2 years it has undergone a total refit and today houses some of the most advanced machinery in the country.

      The company design and manufacture over 80 earth moving machinery attachments,

      For more information on Digga Australia and our manufacturing facility read further blog articles here.

      For more information on the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards visit their website.

      Tuesday, 14 November 2017

      Diggaholics drive to keep Australian manufacturing alive.

      In recent years Australian manufacturing has being said to be in decline with retailers, producers and end users opting for cheaper, foreign imported goods. Some of Australia’s largest brands are fighting cheap international ‘copycat’ brands and competition from low-cost competitors in China, India, Vietnam and Thailand has sent many Australian manufacturers into decline. Ford, General Motors Holden and Toyota have closed their Australian plants, costing many jobs at local component and accessory makers and suppliers.

      For Digga Australia, keeping Australian manufacturing alive and continually developing jobs and trades within Australia, is key in keeping customers loyal to the brand and pivotal in future success of the business.
      Following the devastating fire at the facility and head office in Queensland almost 2 years ago, the company could have easily turned to outsourcing manufacturing overseas. Instead the owner’s dedication to Australia manufacturing and keeping jobs local saw the facility rebuilt and fitted with some of the most advanced machinery in the country.

      Today the company employs over 200 staff here in Australia and growing. Also known as the ‘Diggaholics’ the employees of Digga Australia are proud to work for an iconic Australian brand, being a part of the drive to keep manufacturing in Australia and actively strive to manufacture and distribute quality earth moving attachments and planetary drives.

      Currently supporting numerous apprentices through their work-based-learning as well as ‘up-skill’ government initiatives through a number of traineeships, Digga believes investing into their staff and creating an inspirational and innovative work environment leads to longevity and loyalty which helps the brand continue to deliver proudly made machinery attachments. Digga’s longest serving employee celebrated his 33rd year with the group earlier this year. 

      The Digga brand promises only the strongest and most durable machinery attachments the market has to offer, manufacturing 85% of all parts and components for their earthmoving attachments and planetary gearboxes in-house using some of the most technological advanced manufacturing machinery in Australia.
      Digga Australia - Australian manufacturing
      Practising lean manufacturing, Digga continue to invest into the manufacturing team and their facilities to stay at the forefront of the industry, working streamlined and efficiently to get the job done. Their 12,500sqm factory and main operating facility in Yatala, features a totally refitted machine shop and manufacturing plant of world class machinery including:

      ·      A CNC machine shop with 10 Mazak lathes and mills for precision machining and cutting of parts and components with manual machining options for greater customization
      ·      Bystronic 6kW laser cutting machine gives the facility the capacity to cut steel up to 25mmfrom flat sheets of steel up to 4m x 2m, while their HDP CNC plasma profile cutter allows Digga to cut steel up to 64mm thick with a bed size of 4m by 2.5m
      ·      Multiple press brake bending machines, saws, rollers and flight presses
      ·      4 state of the art robotic welding cells plus 30 manual fabrication bays
      ·      A custom built finishing centre ensuring a quality finish to attachments with media blasting and heavy duty powder coating
      ·      11 gear cutting machines both manual and CNC controlled giving the facility the flexibility to cut internal and external gears and splines of varying diameter and depth

      Digga CEO Suzie Wright explains
       “The fire literally breathed new life in the facility. We are continuing to reduce setup and processing times, which in turn reduce costs and allow us to stay highly competitive in both local and export markets. Our outstanding loyal team who put in day in, day out, and investment in to them is a key part of the businesses success.”
      The video attached was produced by the team at Digga to say ‘Thank you’ for choosing Digga and supporting Australian made, Australian trade, Australian quality, Aussie employees and all of their families. This is shared across Digga Australia’s social media platforms and sent out to customers from the sales team regularly.